Cross Chain Bridge

Withdraw assets from your DSA to another network

Your DSA is powered with Cross chain superpowers! You can withdraw from your DSA to another network. The current cross chain bridge provider is Hop.Exchange.

To use Cross Chain Transfer open the Withdraw menu and click Cross Chain Transfer

Enter the amount for withdrawal and select a destination network in the top section

Select your withdrawal destination you can enter an address or send to an associated DSA

When creating cross chain transfers please confirm you are receiving to a valid address on the destination chain. If you send funds to an invalid address those funds may be lost.

Withdrawal Address

Your DSA Accounts

This option will list all the DSA accounts associated with the connected address on the correct destination network.

Another Address

This will allow you to enter an address to withdraw to. You can also click use Connected Address to have the interface input your currently connected address as the receipt.

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