Get more E-Mode Accounts

Use DSAs to generate additional E-Mode enabled accounts

You can utilize multiple DSA accounts to use and access multiple versions of E-Mode enabled AAVE positions.

Each DSA functions as an individual account for all the protocols on Instadapp. For example, if you have three DSA’s linked to your wallet and all those three DSAs each have their own addresses, and they act as three separate accounts for the AAVE protocol. This is because AAVE is account based, and treats each address as one account to its protocol.You can have multiple DSAs linked to your primary wallet, and you have complete access to all three.

By utilizing multiple DSA accounts you can have each DSA handle one of the different E-Modes each! Not only is this better for managing more assets, you are able to get the most out of E-Mode and your assets!

Breaking the E-Mode restriction using multiple DSA

High-Efficiency Mode or E-Mode is one of the main features that has been introduced in the V3 of AAVE. You will have a higher borrowing power if you collateralize and borrow the assets that are derivatives of the same underlying asset, thus correlated in value. But to make use of this, all of your borrowed assets must be of the same category.

For example, in the image above, to choose the stable coin category, you will have to have all your borrowed assets to be in DAI, USDC and/or USDT to enjoy the fruits of 98% Collateral Factor and 1% Liquidation Penalty. But that poses restrictions over your assets. You just cannot borrow and supply other assets when your E-Mode is ON

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