Save / Unwind Mining

Save strategy or Unwind strategy will take your collateral within a position and use it to pay back debt. This can be used to close a leveraged position or pay any debts within the position.

Save / Unwind

When using SAVE you select a collateral from your position and a debt in your position to payback.

Save Unwind Example --

When you open the Save / Unwind panel the interface will automatically select collateral and debt options. In this example we have a position with ETH collateral and USDC debt.

We can use the Save strategy to payback the USDC debt in one click. In this example we only have one kind of collateral and one kind of debt so the options are populated for us.

If we had two kinds of collateral or debt we could select between them by clicking on the icon:

The Save function combines multiple steps in one:

  • Withdraws Collateral Asset

  • Swaps Collateral Asset for Debt Asset

  • Pays down Debt

In our example this strategy withdraws ETH swaps it for USDC and pays down the USDC debt.

One of the things you may have noticed is when using the unwind strategy you can enter a value that is higher than the debt you owe, any excess unwind will be sent to your DSA balance.

In this case we want to fully withdraw the collateral after unwinding, so we enter a slightly higher amount to payback to make sure no debt is remaining.

After the save transaction confirms we will find our debt has been cleared a small excess from the SAVE transaction is in the DSA Balance.

Now we have no debt on AAVE and can withdraw the entire ETH balance we supplied to AAVE.

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