Refinancing to Morpho

Learn how to Refinance to from AAVE and Compound to Morpho

Migrate from native Aave v2/Compound V2 to Morpho-Aave on Instadapp

If you have a position on the native Aave v2/Compound V2 protocol and want to migrate your position to Morpho to received optimized rates, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Create a DSA: If you don’t already have a DeFi Smart Account (DSA), it’s time to create one. Head to Instadapp & click on ‘Create Account’

2. Import your position: After creating a DSA, the next step is to migrate your position from the native Aave/Compound to Instadapp. Use the import position feature from ‘DSA Tools’ > ‘Import Positions’.

3. Use the refinancing feature: Now that your positions are migrated into Instadapp. You can make use of the refinancing feature to migrate from Aave/Compound to Morpho within Instadapp. On Instadapp, Go to ‘Utilities’ > ‘Refinance’. Select ‘Aave v2’/’Compound’ in the left panel & ‘Morpho’ in the right panel.

Specify the amount to be transferred (Click max to transfer the whole position) & click on ‘Refinance’.

4. To migrate the entire position in 1 click: Use the refinancing strategy from the strategies section on the Aave-v2/Compound page. This strategy will fully refinance your position in full, use the Refinancing tool for partial refinancing.

Migrate from Aave v2/Compound to Morpho within for existing users

If you already use Instadapp, & have a position on aave/compound through Instadapp’s UI. There are 2 ways you can potentially transfer your funds:

  1. Refinance entire position: If you want to migrate your entire position from Compound or Aave to Morpho, you can do this using the refinance strategy in the strategies section.

  2. Migrate custom amounts: If you are looking to migrate custom values and tokens, you can do so from the refinancing section. On Instadapp, Go to ‘Utilities’ > ‘Refinance’. Select ‘Aave v2’/’Compound’ in the left panel & ‘Morpho’ in the right panel. Specify the amount to be transferred & click on ‘Refinance’.

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