Managing Assets on Instadapp

Instadapp Pro works with Smart Contract wallets specifically the DeFi Smart Accounts (DSA) and the Avocado Wallet.

We recommend users use Avocado Wallet as it is a superior wallet to the DSA. The Avocado Wallet has greater security features and can connect any DApp and other Web3 applications.

Avocado Wallet Management

You can use the Avocado UI to access a full featured interface for the Avocado wallet. Avocado Wallet is the most advanced web3 wallet available! Avocado works like any other wallet, to get started simply deposit funds into the avocado address, when connected to Instadapp Pro all your Avocado balances will reflect in the Instadapp Pro UI.

Avoacdo Wallet UI:

Avocado Wallet

DeFi Smart Account Management

DeFi Smart Accounts have their home on Instadapp Pro. When connecting with your EOA you will be prompted to create a DeFi Smart Account. See the topics below for using and managing a DeFi Smart Account with Instadapp Pro:

Depositing from your Connected Wallet into DSAMigrating DeFi assets into your DSAWithdrawing to your Connected Wallet

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