Debt Swap

Swap the underlying debt in a position

Debt Swap allows you to swap the underlying debt within a position. You may want to do this to refinance your debt and obtain a better rate. In more complex scenarios you could utilize this strategy to execute a short. See: Using Strategies to short an Asset

Debt Swap

When using Debt swap you select one of your existing debts and then select a new asset to swap that debt into.

Debt Swap Example --

In this position there is only WBTC debt so the UI has selected the WBTC. If you have debts in multiple assets you could click the WBTC icon on the right side panel to select another debt.

The UI has started with DAI selected but we can change this by selecting the DAI icon. In this case we want to swap the WBTC debt into USDC debt.

Once you selected the desired assets now you can enter the amount of debt you want to swap.

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