Avocado Wallet

Introduction to Avocado Wallet

Avocado Wallet is a highly advanced smart wallet designed to enhance your web3 experience. With Avocado, you get a full-featured multi-network wallet that can be used on Instadapp PRO and seamlessly connected to any DApp via WalletConnect.

Avocado offers powerful Account Abstraction features, including network, gas, and transaction abstraction, making your interactions smooth and hassle-free.

To find your Avocado Wallet address simply log into Avocado Wallet:

You will find your EOA has an Avocado Wallet associated with it. You can find this on the right side corner. You can send funds into your Avocado Wallet address directly or deposit using the Onboarding UI.

Want to learn more about Avocado? See the following links for Avocado:

Use WalletConnect to connect to Instadapp Pro:

Open a seperate tab or window with Instadapp Pro. When connecting click on WalletConnect.

On the WalletConnect pop up click 'Copy to clipboard' to copy the WalletConnect code and paste it into Avocado Wallet to connect.

You can confirm your using Avocado by seeing the Account name shown here as Avocado

In a future update, Avocado Wallet will be more integrated into Instadapp Pro, enabling top ups and direct connections!

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