Rebalancing your LP

Rebalance your LP in one click!

Instadapp is the ultimate UI for Uniswap v3 liquidity providers! Instadapp provides a 1-click rebalance strategy to allow you to rebalance LPs quickly and easily.

Rebalance Strategy for LPs

Whenever your position is out or range you will be shown the Rebalance button. You just click on Rebalance button to pull the Rebalance panel. You can set a new price range entering numbers or utilizing the graph.

Reinvest Fees Option

Instadapp can also reinvest any accrued fees during the rebalance; simply click on Reinvest FeesThat’s it, now you get your position back in range by just hitting the Rebalance button and confirming the transaction from your wallet.

Are there any fees to use?

Same to other strategies we provide for lending protocols, Instadapp utilizes a flashloan to rebalance your position. Flashloans charge 0.05% for any flashloan amount used.

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