Metamask Tx Creation Issues

Many users are reporting issues with Metamask and Polygon. Please see the guide below on how to correct the issue on Metamask.

The error may appear like this:

Or include other text like this:

โš ๏ธ Internal JSON-RPC error. { "code": -32000, "message": "execution reverted" } Please contact our team on Discord with this reference id: n137-iJOJyknvH5.

Polygon infrastructure has taken some hits in the past few weeks and this has caused Metamask wallets to incorrectly generate transactions.

1. Before we start lets check:

  • Metamask is updated! We advise using Brave or Firefox over Chrome, more users report issues with Chrome

  • Make sure you disable other wallets or web3 extensions. If you use Brave check that the wallet setting in the browser is set to None

  • If you recently upgraded your Ledger, it may have turned off smart contract signing; please make sure Blind Signing is Enabled

  • If you have a polygon transaction that has been pending for more than 2 hours it has been dropped. Weโ€™ll fix this in step 2.

2. Reset Metamask

3. Enable Nonce Transaction Data

What is the Nonce? In this case, Nonce most simply represents the ordering of your transactions from your wallet.

3. Review Blockchain to find your last used Nonce value

Find the latest transaction that your wallet sent (not received you will see the nonce of that sender)

You need to click Click to see more to see the section with the Nonce Number

Find the Nonce number in bold and make a note of that number. This represents the transaction order number.

4. Create a SELF transaction using the proper nonce

Now using Metamask simply send some matic (any amount) from your address to your same address. This time when you go to send the transaction you will see the Transaction Nonce.

5. Thats it! You should see the SELF transaction on the block explorer

If you did everything correctly you should see the SELF transaction appear on the blockchain. In some cases, if you sent several transactions with errors that were stuck they may confirm now.

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