Using Morpho Blue Borrow

Learn how to utilize and create Morpho Blue Vaults

Where to locate Morpho Blue

You can find Morpho Blue on the left navigation under Protocols and under Morpho Blue

Market Selection

Morpho Blue markets can be found on the top right, select the market you desired to load that specific market

Opening a loan

First supply the collateral asset into the market. This will enable you to open a load. You can find the collateral assets LTV on the top.

Once you supply your collateral you can now borrow. To borrow click the borrow button to open the panel. Enter your desired borrow ammount and submit the transaction.


The following strategies are available for Morpho Blue markets:

  • Leverage

  • Deleverage

  • Deposit and Borrow

  • Payback and Withdraw

Learn More About Strategies:

Morpho Blue FAQs

What happens when I am liquidated?

On Morpho Blue if your position is undercollateralized or passed the liquidation limit, the entire balance can be liquidated. In addition, on some markets there is an additional penalty charged for being liquidated. Learn More on Morpho Blue Docs: Liquidations

Why are there multiple versions of the same market?

I am not able to see a particular market on the UI

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