Review Common Errors and Frequently Asked Questions

Wallet Misconfigurations

I have multiple wallets installed and Instadapp won't load either

The Instadapp interface can have issues if you have multiple wallets installed, please make sure you only have one wallet active when using Instadapp.

On Brave and Chrome: You can limit which extensions are active in incognito mode, you can make it so only one wallet is active in incognito mode.

My wallet is being blocked on the Interface by TRM

The Instadapp interface is maintained by the Instadapp Team. We strive to be responsible participants in the financial ecosystem!. The Instadapp website works with TRM technology to filter and review any addresses that may be blocked for regulatory, compliance or other legal reasons. If you believe your address was incorrectly blocked please reach out to us: Info@instadapp.io

Communication Error: -32000

The wallet was unable to generate the tx correctly this can be related to the RPC or API calls. You can try the following:

1. Try using another RPC. See: RPC.Info 2. Clearing cache may also help fix this problem 3. Metamask only: you can clear the local metamask data.

Import Issues

Error: Too many Assets

The migration transactions can only support 5 unique collateral types, and any number of debts. If you have more than 5 collateral types to import the import will fail please attempt again.

Error: Too Leveraged/Too Risky

Instadapp import will migrate the entire position including all collateral and debts. If the position to too risky the import won’t execute. You need about a 15% buffer from the liquidation point. i.e if your liquidation price is $1000 your position needs to be $150 away from that price.

For AAVE this is around 2.5 Health depending on the mix of assets.

Error: Disable E-Mode

Instadapp can only import your position in standard AAVe mode; Please deactivate E-Mode before importing your AAVE position into the dashboard.

Lending Protocol Error

Not Enough Liquidity

If you received this message that means the market does not have enough liquidity to withdraw the asset. You may notice the asset has an increased lend rate because the liquidity is low this is the 'kink' mechanisms that is pushing the market to bring in deposits.

Can't borrow against USDT

USDT does not always have a 'loan to value' or collateral factor and therefor you can't borrow against it in some protocols. USDT cannot be borrowed against in AAVE v.2, Compound Mainnet, or MakerDAO USDT can be used in Isolation Mode on AAVE v.3. See: Isolation Mode for AAVE v.3

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