Simulation Mode

Use simulation mode to test various functions on Instadapp gas free!

Instadapp has a built in simulation mode which you can use to quickly activate a test mode for your accounts. You can use simulation mode to test new protocols, plan and test different changes to your account or use it to play around and learn more about Decentralized Finance.

How to activate Simulation Mode?

You can activate Simulation Mode at any time! You can find the toggle in Global Settings as well as on the left side panel.

Once activated, Simulation mode creates a forked environment of your account. Your account will receive 100 ETH tokens to help you play around and test with. You can swap to other tokens as needed.

Once activated you will see the Simulation Mode label on the top navigation along with the timer for the simulation. Also your balance will have increased by 100 ETH 🚀

Add Test Tokens added to your Simulation

Need some test funds? You can top up with test tokens by adding tokens, find this button under the simulation button

Some Notes on Simulation Mode

  • Simulation Mode lasts 30 minutes after the simulation will end. You can reactivate it as many times as you want.

  • Some tokens may have incorrect or delayed pricing on simulation mode

  • Some advanced operations won't work correctly in simulation mode like Hop cross chain transactions and Uniswap rebalancing for example.

  • Need more ETH? Go to the Deposit panel and you can deposit an additional 100 ETH.

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