Managing Uniswap on Instadapp

The ultimate interface for Uniswap

Instadapp provides the ultimate Uniswap v3 staking interface. Quickly create positions, rebalance in one click and more! You can start utilizing Uniswap by creating a new position or by importing an existing LP Position.

Creating a Uniswap LPImport / Export

Managing Uniswap LP Positions

In the interface you will find information regarding each NFT’s liquidity, earned fees, its current composition and if it currently in range.

Let's review all the clickable areas of the LP display:

A: Context Menu

B: Opens Visual Graph

C: Collect Fee

D: Collect Liquidity Mining Reward

E: Unstake Uniswap LP from Liquidity Mining

Context Menu

This menu will show you all the functions available for your LP. Here you can remove or add liquidity to the current LP as well as access staking and reward options.

Rebalance Uniswap LP

You can also rebalance your position from this menu. See the following page to learn more about Rebalancing LPs:

Rebalancing your LP

Better Visualization for LPs

Under each position you will find a [^] carrot button, this will expand the NFT position screen and display a visualization of the LP Position. You can adjust the view by different time frames or view the positions lower and upper ranges of the position.

You can find tags on the visual display which show at asset will compose the position at each range maximum.

Uniswap Staking Features

Missing a token? Add tokens to the Instadapp UI to show more rewards and pools. See Custom Tokens

Staking Reward Pools

Uniswap v3 has a built in staking mechanism for different projects and tokens to distribute rewards for providing active liquidity on Uniswap v3. You will find all available Uniswap v3 staking pools towards the bottom of the Uniswap page.

You will find functions in the context menu [...] Active Liquidity is any LP that is currently in range. Users need to Stake before earning rewards. You can receive your rewards at any time by using Claim.

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