How to hard reset on Metamask

Learn how to refresh and reset the wallet connections

If you have trouble with the interface loading your wallet you can also try a Hard Reset

1. Open the Account Tab

If your account is not logged the Account button will show Create Account

If you are logged in you will see your account number in this space.

In some cases you may not be able to open the Tab. You can append #account to any interface URL to open the tab. For example here is a link with Account Tab Open

2. Disconnect the Wallet from UI

In the bottom right you will find the Disconnect, this will disconnect the account from the UI

3. Remove Metamask 'connected accounts'

Metamask also 'connects' wallets to site, sometimes having too many different addresses 'loaded' on Metamask can cause an issue or you are not loading into the correct account. You can disconnect all accounts from the site on Metamask.

Next time you connect Metamask will ask you which account you would like to load.

Other Known Issues

  • Having multiple wallets on the browser may confuse the interface, please try using a browser with only one wallet enabled. (Such as the Binance Smart Wallet Extension, Dapper Wallet, etc.)

  • Metamask has issues with Hardware wallets post EIP-1559, most of these issues are solved by using the latest version. There may still be issues with Trezor. Please see this Guide: Metamask + Hardware Wallet Issues for more information.

  • Sometimes clearing your cache can solve some issues.

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