Learn how to vote on off-chain voting using Snapshot

Using Snapshot to Vote

Snapshot is a platform for DAOs and cryptocommunities to signal and vote off-chain without incurring gas costs. Instadapp governance utilizes Snapshot for proposals that do not require on-chain voting such as integrating connectors, signaling from the community and changing other parameters of the Instadapp protocol.

Snapshot Homepage

You can find the Instadapp Snapshot page at this address:

How snapshot works?

Snapshot allows users to sign a message rather than sending a transaction, verifying their voting power and their accepting their vote. Snapshot will allow you to vote with tokens in your EOA address.

Instadapp Snapshots

Instadapp Snapshots generally run for 3 days this depends on the Snapshot. Snapshot votes are announced on Discord and the Instadapp Governance Forums. The community is developing a bot to better alert users of upcoming votes. Snapshot also provides voting alerts.

Voting Day

Once a Snapshot vote is open you go the the snapshot site and login with your wallet. Locate the active proposal. Carefully read any related links and information and go to the bottom to place your vote.
Scroll to the bottom to vote!

Delegating INST in your DeFi Smart Account

In many cases you may want to utilize the INST within your DSA to vote. You cannot sign messages with the DSA so you can delegate this INST to an EOA address like Metamask. Find the Delegation page in the menu under DSA Tools.
You can find the Delegate tool under DSA Tools
Remember you don't require any gas to vote on Snapshot! Just a signature from your address so delegate to an EOA address you can sign messages with ✍️

Other Things to Note

If you delegated your vote and then also vote with that delegated INST, you will override the vote submitted by your delegate.