How to Create Uniswap Rewards

Learn how to create Incentive Farming rewards for any pool on Uniswap v3

Uniswap v3 includes a pre-built uniswap v3 staking reward contract known as the Uniswap Staker contract.

Creating a new Reward pool (MATIC/USDC Pool with MATIC Rewards)

Lets learn how the pool’s liquidity providers can get reward tokens by keeping their liquidity position staked. We will create a pool with MATIC as the reward for Liquidity providers.

i) Click on ‘New Reward’ button and select the pair on which you want to give rewards. For example, we want to reward people who provide liquidity to the MATIC/USDC pool, and we select MATIC and USDC in the “Select pair” section.

Are you a team or protocol that wants to launch rewards on Uniswap v3? See our one pager here -> Uniswap v3 Incentive Tool

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