Using Gnosis Safe as an Authority

Learn how to sign DSA transactions using a multi-sig Gnosis Safe

Your Instadapp can be managed by different addresses, such as Multi-Sig wallets like Gnosis-Safe. The process for adding an authority or creating an account is the same.

How to sign transactions to your DSA using a Gnosis Safe authority

There are multiple ways to access a Gnosis Safe

Using Gnosis Safe and Wallet Connect

Log into your wallet via the Gnosis Safe dashboard and go to Apps and then open Wallet Connect

Open another tab and open the Instadapp dashboard, click connect and select Wallet Connect. In this example we are using a desktop so we will copy the code below and enter it on the Gnosis Wallet Connect page.

In order to use Wallet Connect you must keep the Gnosis Dashboard tab open

Signing using Wallet Connect

Complete a transaction on Instadapp as you would normally, after clicking the final submit remember to go back to the Gnosis Wallet Connect tab to confirm the transaction.

This transaction requires 2 signatures to be executed, you will see the interface show you the transaction pending but it will not confirm.

If the transaction is signed but not executed in a set amount of time the interface may show an error. You can ignore this and proceed to sign the transaction at any time.

Other Gnosis Signer executes the tx from Gnosis Safe dashboard

Using Gnosis Safe to sign transactions may sometimes mess up with our transaction receipt. Transaction receipts are a localized transaction receipt. You can clear your transaction receipt history at any time.

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