How to activate E-Mode

How to activate E-Mode on the AAVE v3 interface

Turning E-Mode ON

This section will introduce you AAVE V3, how to navigate to the AAVE V3 page and turning E-Mode ON for your desired category.

Open the AAVE v3 protocol page. Click on E-Mode to list all the categories present.

Find the category you would like high borrowing power for.

As you can see, currently, two categories are listed here more will be added overtime.

  1. All — This is the default mode set. It means that you have access to borrow all tokens depending on your collateral value. This is AAVE's standard operation.

  2. Stablecoins — This mode allows you to borrow selected assets with 97% of collateral value. This means if you deposit 100 DAI, You can borrow up to 96.99 USDC or USDT.

Selecting the Stablecoin E-Mode will make AAVE restrict your borrowing power to only Stablecoins; however, you will still be allowed to supply other assets not under this category like Matic, but you cannot borrow them.

Select your desired E-Mode by clicking on it. We will be selecting the Stablecoins category for now.

Approve the transaction to enable your E-Mode.

You will now see the ‘Enabled’ label on your selected category.

If you activated Stablecoins you will now see the Collateral Factor of the Stablecoins will be changed to 97% for all Stablecoins. When setting the account on E-Mode you will restrict that account to that mode. If you would like to utilize multiple E-Modes you can create another DSA.

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