Learn about DeFi Smart Account Authorities

Instadapp works by creating each user a non-custodial smart contract wallet called a DeFi Smart Accounts(DSA). When you first access Instadapp you will be asked to create an account. The address that generated the account will become the DeFi Smart Accounts first Authority.

  • You can add any number of Authorities to your account and access the same DSA with different addresses.

  • Authorities to the account will have full access to the account please only add addresses you control.

  • You can transfer ownership of a DSA to another address by using Authorities.

  • Smart Wallets and smart contracts can be authorities to the DSA however usage may be limited.

  • Gnosis Safe wallets have been tested to work as a DSA Authority and can add Multi-Signature functionality to your DSA. See: Using Gnosis Safe as an Authority

Remember Authority controls access and ownership to your account. Please take extra precaution modifying authorities. The Instadapp team cannot recover your account if you remove access to your account.

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