Protocol Refinancing

You can quickly refinance your loans between the leading lending protocols

Need to switch up your loan? Want to increase the LTV or maybe you found a more favorable interest rate? Whatever the reason, you can quickly migrate your positions and debts using the Instadapp's Multi-Protocol Refinancing.

What is Protocol Refinancing?

One of the handiest features Instadapp offers is the ability to ‘refinance’ or migrate positions between protocols with just one click! We are excited to relaunch the new & improved refinancing feature with even more options! You can now do a lot more including doing stable debt transfers & migrating between additional protocols like Morpho & Euler.

DeFi is a rapidly changing space with dynamic yield & interest rates, sometimes varying vastly between protocols. In order to maximize yield from your funds or have a higher liquidation margin, it's crucial to grab the best rates and ratios possible and Refinancing allows you to do just that!

Reasons to Refinance

There may be different reasons to migrate between protocols such as refinancing between protocols to receive better rates, or better liquidation conditions. Users can also utilize the Refinancing tool to better manage assets between protocols by refinancing a portion of the position or migrating liabilities.

Where to find Refinance tool?

Multi-Protocol Refinancing Panel

On the refinancing panel you will find two panels, in the first select your initial position and in the second select the destination protocol.

In the center console enter the values you would like to migrate or use the Set to max button to fully migrate the position. You can migrate a portion or all of your debt. Note when migrating partially the resulting positions both need to be safe or around 10%-15% away from Max Debt to Collateral.

Review your position and projected position, when satisfied submit the refinance by clicking Refinance

Feeling unsure about refinancing your position? Want to view the position in the new protocol beforehand? Test it out first using Simulation mode

More Refinancing Tools on Instadapp

There are additional strategies for refinancing internally within a protocol and other refinancing strategies. You can find these in the protocol's strategy page.

1-Click Migrate to Morpho: For Compound and AAVE users who want to migrate into the equivalent market on Morpho, you will find the 'Migrate to Morpho' under the strategies. This will automatically populate the refinance tool for a 1-click refinance experience! See our Morpho refinancing guide here:

Refinancing to Morpho

Euler Debt and Collateral Transfer: For migrating and refinancing debt between Euler sub-accounts there is the strategy 'Debt and Collateral Transfer' which allows you to move assets and debts between your Euler Sub-Accounts.

Debt and Collateral Transfer

MakerDAO Vault Swap: For migrating and refinancing debt between Maker Vaults you can find a specific strategy just for this function in the MakerDAO strategies called 'Vault Swap.' When refinancing between Vaults still must maintain vault debt minimums.

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