Quick Menu

Learn how to use the Quick Menu for easily navigating the DApp

Locating the Quick Menu

The Quick Menu is represented as a DeFi Smart Account wallet icon located on the top bar

This menu will give you access to some of the most used operations on Instadapp so you can quickly navigate between menus

Quick Menu Summary

  • Balance Summary

    • DSA Balance represents the total Net Worth of assets that are in your DSA Address

    • DSA DeFi represents the net value of your DeFi positions in all protocols such as AAVE. The net value is the total value of the collateral minus the liabilities (debt)

  • Deposit/Withdraw

  • Trade/Sweep Swap

  • View Tx Receipt Panel

  • Opens Cross Chain Bridge

  • Manage Custom Tokens

  • Modify Authorities

  • Nickname DSA Account (This information is stored locally)

  • Address Clipboard

  • Disconnect Button

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