Morpho Blue Explained

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Permissionless Markets

Morpho Blue is a governance minimized lending market. Assets are whitelisted by governance but markets can be deployed openly by anyone. This enables new use cases for Morpho and will allow the protocol to offer more kinds of asset and markets. Once deployed markets on Morpho Blue cannot be modified and require less overall governance to maintain and run.

Oracle Agnostic

In the same vein as its permissonless markets, Morpho Blue markets have another option that is open to the creator. Morpho Blue markets can determine which price oracle to use. i.g Chainlink, Uniswap TWAP, or even hard code price etc. This enables Morpho Blue to act in a more neutral and open manner by not selecting any particular default oracle.

Metamorpho Vaults

Metamorpho Vaults play a pivotal role in simplifying the lending experience on Morpho Blue. Metamorpho is examplery of a use case built on Morpho Blue's open permissionliss markets. Vaults empower risk managers to oversee risk, curate diverse risk profiles, and allocate capital efficiently. For users, vaults enable a way to provide a single asset into Morpho Blue's liquidity earning interest across multiple markets and diversifiying your risk.

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