Using Euler

Overview of Euler specific options on the Instadapp Interface

The Euler interface works similar to market based lending protocols on Instadapp like Compound and AAVE. You will find access to standard operations like supply and borrow as well as access to our famous strategies to quickly leverage, swap debt and get the most of Euler!

Euler is a unique protocol with some advanced features read below to learn about Euler specific features on the protocol page.

Opening the Euler Protocol Page

You can find Euler on the left navigation panel under Protocols


Euler uses multiple accounts to manage positions each user will start with an initial account labeled 'main account.' You can create up to 256 sub-accounts. If you would like to add an account click the Account dropdown and click New (Note: Sub-Accounts do not require a gas tx before use)

Collateral Factor and Borrowing Factor

Euler assets have their collateral and borrowing factors separated to better manage risk across the differing asset tiers. You can find these values on the asset window

On the Euler protocol Collateral Factor determines how much collateral the protocol will loan against that asset, but each asset also has a Borrowing factor which determines how much debt of that asset you can have. This dual risk approach better accounts for risk in the Euler protocol and allows it to offer wide array of loans.

Utilizing Sub-Accounts

Euler separates their assets into tiers. You can borrow and lend a larger variety of assets with some limitations.

Collateral Tier: These assets can be lent, borrowed against, and can be combined with different asset pairs similar to assets on other lending protocols. Cross-Tier: These assets can be lent to the protocol but cannot be borrowed against, they can be borrowed in combinations with other cross-tier assets. Isolation Tier: These assets similar to Cross-Tier do not have collateral factor and cannot be borrowed against; but you can borrow isolated tier assets as the only debt in an account.

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