Global Settings

Modify the transaction settings for your DeFi Smart Account

You will be doing lots of different kinds of transactions on Instadapp. Global settings is where you can set the slippage and gas settings for your transactions on Instadapp as well as activate private transactions.

Locating Global Settings

You can find the Global Settings on the top navigation section near the network selector

Gas Prices

In Global Settings you will see the current network rates for Gas. You can change the gas setting here which will change the gas fee when the transaction is sent to the wallet. Your wallet can still override this gas price.


Slippage represents the price tolerance your transaction will accept; this includes slippage when using all strategies and trades. This setting can also be changed on the transaction panel as well.

Private Transactions

Private Transactions allows you to send your transaction directly to miners for safer transaction execution. To learn more see: Private Transactions

Simulation Mode

You can turn Simulation Mode on and off in this menu. Simulation mode will create a temporary fork of your account and allow you to test different transactions in a test environment. To learn more see: Simulation Mode

Dark Mode

Turn off the lights! This turns on Dark Mode for the UI

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