Custom Tokens

Add Custom tokens to the Instadapp Dashboard
The Instadapp Dashboard starts with a default set of tokens. You can add any token by entering the token contract address and then the token will appear in all menus on Instadapp.

Where to find the Token Management Menu

You can search by Token name or enter the token contract address then click the + Add button to enable the token on the interface

We utilize Token Lists so you can quickly add more lists by clicking the Token List button on the bottom and add tokenlists from Coingecko, Optimism and Tokenset

Also note when searching you will be shown the tokenlist provider of the token address:

Each asset found through the search menu is labeled by its source

After adding tokens you can find them in all menus on Instadapp including the DSA Balances, Trade, and DApps like Uniswap

Add Custom tokens to create Uniswap positions with any token you want